"Not easy to find but the Tuk-Tuk will know."

Connect Battambang


Here is HOW TO COME to the Farm

You may try to find our farm family apartment on your own, but you will probably not find unless you are a qualified treasure hunter. So here is how to find us.

The easiest way is to get a tuk-tuk from anywhere in town and telling him that we are near the old Battambang Bamboo Train. Or you can show him the map, at which point he will not understand the map. That is when you will give him my phone number

012 970 513

and ask him to call me so I can explain the way.

There are other ways to find me and if we have the opportunity I can also come to meet you at the bus station, that is if you know the arrival time of the bus which is never a sure thing in Cambodia, and if I am available that day.

There is also in Cambodia an app for mobile phone called PassApp, it is an app for taxis that will let you locate them, see their profile, book and pay them. Links to PassApp: Android / Apple

Another option would be to come on elephant back, but we don't have parking for elephants.

So the best way is to have the tuk-tuk driver to call me.

Here is the Area Map

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