"When you really want to know the culture live with real Cambodians."

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You may think that we are crazy because we like to live all together, cook on old stoves outside and spend the day half naked, but you will probably find that it comes together with our joy of life.

Here, gathering firewood to make coffee is my wife Kunthea.

Kunthea is a fantastic cook and enjoys staying home to look after us all, but really she is a school teacher so she can't stay here every day like she wishes.

She is funny and always laughing but refuses to speak English, so I hope you will be able to make her say a few words.


You recognise him from the top of the page, he is Seuy, my dad. He was an officer with the Department of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries of Cambodia all his life and is now retired.

He has had a very hard time during the infamous Khmer Rouge civil war and that left him with only one goal for the rest of his life, have a quiet stay with his family in a farm.

Now he is retired and lives with us; he likes the simple ways of the farmer life and spends his days enjoying the land and see his descendants grow. This is our tradition, parents care for the young and when they get old and retire they live with us forever.

This naughty one is Joronay, my son. he is very shy but very playful. I hope he will be our next Prime Minister... No, just kidding, he will be president of the USA.

As per the ugly man next to him, it's me, Ro. I will be your host during your stay in Battambang. I am a tour guide here and can give you information on everything you need to know. I am always happy to be around foreigners and exchange experiences, there are so many things I can teach about the Khmer culture and past and I also want to hear about your homeland.

There are more family members but they are not permanently here, they come and go as they please. But everybody has a quiet lifestyle and likes to relax rather than drink and make some noise.



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