"The farm life is the real and authentic Khmer style ."

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Typical VILLAGE FARM of Cambodia

Nothing to do with large farms you can find in Europe or USA, here the farm is what supplies us with daily life goods, it is not for business but a natural way to sustain ourselves, just part of our daily life and provides us with eggs, meat, fruits and vegetables.

Here is our farm. It is not a massive nor impressive farm, but it is our farm.

We love everything in it but also don't over-exploit it because we like its natural ways.

The animals we breed here are left to wander around freely.

Right now we have chicken but actually the stock varies with the mood and season. Sometimes we have ducks or geese because they are great fun.

We used to have pigs but don't want to anymore because they smell too bad.

Some areas of the farm are dedicated to growing vegetables in an organic way in a non-extensive manner.

The fertiliser we use is simple dried cow dung.

These are not for selling either, only to cook for ourselves, maybe exchange some surplus with other farms around when they have something we don't.

We also like to grow flowers.

It is a Cambodian tradition to grow flowers wherever possible.

In your country some people do as well, here it's just that we have varieties that you probably don't see back home, so please enjoy!!


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